The inaugural Slick titleholder competition was conceived and organised in 2016 by ‘Twisted Tread’ – a group of former Laird Leatherman winners and contestants, most notable amongst this group was Laird Leatherman 2012 winner Ben Riethmuller and Laird Leatherman 2014 contestant Grant Maynard who banded together to create a contest for the Rubbermen of Melbourne.

Three contestants competed for this first title - each contestant had been placed with a unique identifier colloquially attached during their designated week. These contestants were Matthew Watts (The Musician), Lance (The Pup) and Liam Clark (The Sporty Geek).



  • Thursday, July 7th

    • High Shine, Meet the Contestants

  • Friday, July 8th 

    • Melbourne Rubberman 2016

  • Saturday, July 9th 

    • Rubber Ball Dance Party


  • The Laird Hotel, Abbotsford VIC


  1. Matthew Watts – The Musician

  2. Lance – The Pup

  3. Liam Clark – The Sporty Geek


  • Ben Riethmuller & Dean Arcuri


  • BJ – Eagle Leather

  • Avi Miller – Hide & Seek on JOY 94.9

  • Daddy Steve – Laird Leatherman 2015


  • Andrew ‘The Apprentice’ – Hide & Seek on JOY 94.9

Competition Sponsors

  • The Laird Hotel, Eagle Leather, Down an’ Dirty, Hide & Seek on JOY 94.9, Piercing HQRod Spark Photography and The Naked Barber

The interview portion of the contest was pre-filmed and took place on the Sunday preceding the contest.


Each contestant chose a location in the ‘real world’ – Matthew driving in his car, Lance in an alleyway in Clifton Hill and Liam at The University of Melbourne.

The contest night itself consisted of three rounds: Full Rubber Image, Flesh and Fantasy & Talent.


The fantasy round provided the most diversity of the evening as Matthew played a mash-up of classical and pop music on his flute, Lance pupped out with his love of inflatables and Liam performed a comedic locker-room fantasy.

At the conclusion of the contest, Liam Clark made history as our first Melboure Rubber titleholder, and at the same time becoming the first rubber titleholder from the Southern Hemisphere!.


Slick 2016 - Spit N Polish

Slick 2016 - Melbourne Rubberman Competition

Slick 2016 - VICE Rubber Ball

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