By the time the second Slick was to be staged for the Melbourne Rubber titleholder competition, the organisers had decided to expand Slick out to almost a week running from Tuesday to Sunday. Slick 2017 was organised by Ben Riethmuller, Grant Maynard (the original creators for Slick) and Liam Clark (Melbourne Rubberman 2016).

Five rubbermen had signed up to take the crown, and they contested for the second title in an exciting show that has since set the bar high for future editions of Slick. 2017 was the year that Slick as a whole began to soar to become one of the most popular events in both Melbourne and beyond.


  • Tuesday, July 4th 

    • Melt, The Roast of MRM 16 Liam Clark

  • Wednesday, July 5th 

    • Rubber Trivial Hirsute

  • Thursday, July 6th 

    • High Shine, Meet the Contestants

  • Friday, July 7th 

    • Melbourne Rubberman 2017

  • Saturday, July 8th 

    • Rubber Ball Dance Party

  • Sunday, July 9th

    • Rub Down Sunday Social


  • The Laird Hotel, Abbotsford


  1.  John Cheshire 

  2.  JPP

  3.  Adam Troy

  4.  Martin Memo

  5.  Jon Kok


  • Ben Riethmuller

  • Dean Arcuri


  • Liam Clark – Melbourne Rubberman 2016

  • Preston So – Mr International Rubber 20 / Mr New England Rubber 2016

  • Grant Maynard – Slick

  • Bootblack Rhys – Mr Australia Bootblack 2017

  • BJ – Eagle Leather

  • Andrew ‘The Apprentice’ – Hide & Seek on JOY 94.9

Tally Master

  • Thomas ‘Panther’ Martin – Australian Puppy 2017 / Queensland Puppy 2017

Contest Sponsors

  • The Laird Hotel, Eagle Leather, DEANation, Down an’ Dirty, Hide & Seek on JOY 94.9, Piercing HQ, RubberBRO


The interview portion of the competition was once again pre-recorded on the Sunday preceding the contest, but this time at the Laird Hotel.

The competition night consisted once again of three major rounds: showcasing the previous year: Favourite Rubber Image, Flesh and Fantasy & Talent.

The Fantasy & Talent round again proved popular with John Cheshire performing a nautical themed bondage demonstration to Edith Piaf's 'Non, je ne regrette rien', JPP showing a bathtub fantasy to the Sesame Street Classic ‘Rubber Duckie’, Adam dancing up a storm while his assistant rode a giant inflatable rubber duck, Martin performing a kinky homage to Pokémon and Jon Kok sang the operatic aria ‘Il dolce suono’ – best known from the film ‘The Fifth Element’.

At the end of the competition, John Cheshire was declared the winner of and was titled as the second Melbourne Rubberman in our history.


Slick 2017 - Trivial Hirsute

Slick 2017 - Spit N Polish

Slick 2017 - Melbourne Rubberman Competition

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