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As the continuing success of our Slick events saw Melbourne Rubber the opportunity to expand our social connections around the local community, word had reached the ears of international groups. Slick 2019 saw an influx of visitors from visiting from destinations like Auckland, San Francisco and London - not to mention visitors from around Australia itself!

2019 brought many news changes to the way Slick was structured and the types of events that would be staged. Melbourne Rubber, in the early stages of changing direction to allow a greater sense of inclusiveness in the rubber community in Victoria gravitated to holding more social events where diversity of all genders and sexual identities was a priority.

Slick 2019 was also a prominent event due to Melbourne Rubber having it's first female judge attend the competition. The wonderful Pepper Pop of Eagle Leather gave her presence for our competition much to the delight of our community.


For the competition for our next titleholder, we had 4 prominent members of the community raise their hands in hopes of walking away with a spot in the Melbourne Rubber Hall of Fame as the next spokesperson for our community.



  • Wednesday, July 3rd 

    • Slick Up Welcome Drinks at Eagle Leather

  • Thursday, July 4th

    • Spit N Polish - Meet the Contestants

  • Friday, July 5th

    • Melbourne Rubberman 2019

  • Saturday, July 6th

    • Melbourne City Tour

    • Rubber Care & Repair Workshop at Eagle Leather

    • Bondage Workshop at Eagle Leather

    • Rubber Cocktails at Mollie's Bar & Grill

  • Sunday, July 7th

    • Rubdown Sunday Social


  • The Laird Hotel, Abbotsford

  • Eagle Leather, Abbotsford

  • Mollie's Bar & Grill, Collingwood


  1. Dicko Z

  2. Max McRae

  3. OJ

  4. Jason Pearce


  • Will Gauvin

  • Liam Clark


  • Guillaume Dupuis - Mr. International Rubber 22

  • Ben Reithmuller - Laird Leatherman 2012

  • Mitchell Bertolini - Fetishmen of Perth

  • Pepper Pop – Eagle Leather

  • Patrick Greber – Mr Australasia Bear 2016 / Mr VicBears 2016


  • Duncan Peak - Mr. Australasia Bear 2019

Competition Sponsors

  • The Laird Hotel, Eagle Leather, DEANation, Down an’ Dirty, Melbourne Rubber, RubberBRO, RubberPigs, Latex Catfish, San Fransisco Bay Area Rubber


The competition held the interviews again taking place at the Laird Hotel on the Sunday preceding the competition and the night itself consisted of three main rounds: Rubber Image, Flesh and Fantasy & Talent Rounds.

The Fantasy & Talent round in this year was again above and beyond from previous years. Dicko showed us his ultimate pup fantasy, Max did a moving performance with make-up, OJ played hide-and-seek with balloons both around and within his body (literally) and Jason rounded off the talent round with a 'lab transformation' fantasy.

At the end of the evening, Jason was declared the winner of the competition and took over the reign as the fourth Melbourne Rubberman, ushering in a new movement that would later develop into Melbourne Rubber becoming a diverse and accepting group of all genders and sexual identities.



Slick 2019 - Meet The Contestants