When 2020 rolled around, plans were made for another Slick - but when the world closed down to the COVID-19 Pandemic, everything was thrown into chaos and confusion. It was here that the Melbourne Rubber committee entered the fray, and suggested that this year our annual Slick events tale place digitally! 

With many members, both within the committee and those who volunteered to help worked tirelessly for many weeks to bring one of the best rubber events to ever grace the digital medium. It was a challenging time for all, but the result was well paid off with many people from across Australia and the world tuning in to enjoy the virtual rubber festivities.



  • Wednesday, July 29th 

    • Trivial Hirsute: Rubber Edition

  • Thursday, July 30th

    • Slick Spit N Polish

  • Friday, July 31st

    • Bondage & Safety Workshop + Q&As

    • Latex in Lockdown Online Competition

  • Saturday, August 1st

    • 15 Minutes With... Interviews with Matt (MRM18) and John (MRM17)

    • Rubber Runway (Streamed Live from The Laird Hotel)

    • Rubdown DJ Set (Live from Eagle Leather)


  • The Laird Hotel, Abbotsford

  • Eagle Leather, Abbotsford

  • Our Homes


  • Dean Arcuri

  • Matthew Shepherd

  • Jane Untamed

  • Jason Pearce

Slick Online Sponsors

  • Melbourne Rubber, The Laird Hotel, Eagle Leather, DEANation, Down an’ Dirty, Demasque Magazine,  Lux Latex Care, Imago Design

Special Thanks To

Eagle Leather (Pepper, Shane & BJ), The Laird Hotel (Brett & Mark), Demasque (Star), Deanation (Dean Arcuri), Down an Dirty (Michael), Imago Design (Martin), LUX (Jimi & Ben), DJ's Simona and Xanthraxx.


We would also like to thank Aldaberto (MIR23), Matt Shepherd, John & Gwendoline, Martin Memo, Jono Kok, Marc Smith, Dr. George, Jane Untamed, Matthew Carufel, Stephen Harle, Max M, Patrick Greber, Runway Models and Video Contestants, and Dave for the Intro to Trivial Hirsute.

Without you, Slick Online 2020 would not have been possible!

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Latex in Lockdown - Online Competition

Check out the Latex in Lockdown Video Competition that was held during Slick Online 2020.

In Order of Appearance: Aelus, Brent, Matt, Max, Jason, Meleesa (3rd), Brad, Geri, Sarah, Von Riga, RubberHex, John Cheshire & Sweet Gwendoline, Patrick (2nd), Wayne, SySy, Dean (1st) and Adelaide Leather and Fetish.

A massive congratulations to all involved on your amazing submissions!

Rubber Runway - Streamed Live from The Laird Hotel

Check out some of the members of our Melbourne Rubber community strutting their stuff down the runway in their best latex attire!


Filmed on location at The Laird Hotel.

Special Thanks to The Laird Hotel, Demasque Magazine, LUX Latex Care and Simona Castricum (DJ) for assisting us with this digital rubbery project, as well as Matthew Shepherd for producing, compiling and editing this project together.

It was a very intense week of events, even if it all occured online! Slick started off with an introduction to the events by Melbourne Rubberman 2019 Jason Pearce, which was then followed up by a very special rubber edition of Trivial Hirsute hosted by the hilarious Dean Arcuri.

On Thursday night, The Laird Hotel hosted their virtual Spit And Polish on Zoom for Slick Week, which saw many rubberists of all genders, sexual orientations from around the world came together to socialise. It was also the chance for Melbourne Rubber to present The Laird Hotel with an official $10,000 cheque from the Melbourne Rubber donation drive held earlier in the month in support of the venue during these difficult times.

Friday night brought to our screens the informative Bondage & Safety Workshop + Q&As with John Cheshire (MRM17) and Dr. George, explaining in-depth (with demonstrations) of all the information one needs when playing with rubber and kink. Also airing that night on Facebook Live was the first of our major events of the week into public viewing - our Latex In Lockdown Online Competition which saw seventeen entrants send in their rubber-themed lockdown videos for the chance to win a $500 gift voucher from Eagle Leather!


We were throughly impressed by the submissions and the fierce competition, with everybody who entered being able to walk away with something, with our top three competition winners Dean, Patrick and Meleesa scoring themselves sweet vouchers courtesy of Eagle Leather. It was truly a night where the community could come together and celebrate all things rubber.

Saturday night rolled around and the last of our events were underway; We spent 15 minutes with Jason (MRM19) interviewing Matt (MRM18) and John (MRM17) about their title years, hopes, ambitions and rubbery dreams on Instagram Live. Then on Facebook Live, Slick held it's highly-anticipated Rubber Runway, showcasing those within the local Melbourne Rubber community in their best rubbery outfits. The response from this event was amazing, with many people walking away to add extensive amounts of rubber items to their online shopping carts.

Slick finally wrapped up with a two-hour livestreamed DJ set by Xanthraxx, a well-renowned musician in the Melbourne party scene live from Eagle Leather in Abbotsford! With awesome tunes for the night to end on, and with all of us at home being socially distant, it was a night to remember.

Slick Online brought a lot of fun to us all in what was a very dark time in human history. It is sure to have been the highlight of what is to be one of the worst years of our lives on record.