In light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation in Victoria, Melbourne Rubber have made the difficult decision to postpone SLICK week to August. While The Laird and other venues may be open at this time, it was felt it would be better to run the events at full capacity at a later date than at the partial capacity that is likely. We have also made the difficult decision to cancel the LATE-XXX party.

Most events will remain unchanged on the new dates below, except for some small changes which will be confirmed shortly. Wristbands and ticket sales will still be valid for thew new dates, but if anyone is unable to attend there is a refunds policy below.


Wednesday 4th August - Welcome Drinks & Trivial Hursuite, Thursday 5th August - Newbie Meet & Greet, Maxim Gloss, Friday 6th August - Visitors Brunch (TBC), Melbourne Rubberman 2021 Contest, Saturday 7th August - Rubber Care and Repair Workshop, Slick-Con, Afterparty (TBC), Sunday 8th August - Sunday Slick Out (TBC).

If you are unable to attend SLICK on the new dates, please notify Eagle Leather ASAP by emailing . If your wristbands have not yet been collected, your order will be refunded within 24 hours. If your wristbands have already been collected, bring them back in store for a refund. PLEASE NOTE: Refunds will only be offered during the next 12 days (as of 18/06) so we can get around the number of attendees and remaining tickets for the rescheduled events. After 30/06, we will presume that all remaining ticket holders are still planning to attend, and no more refunds will be offered.

We are devastated by this, but community health and safety are paramount. We would like to give massive thanks to all our supporters, and especially Eagle Leather and The Laird for their support and flexibility during this time.

Stay safe, stay shiny.

Melbourne Rubber, and the SLICK Teams


Our categories are now up for the Melbourne Rubberman Competition this year, so we thought we'd share with you some updates:

Rubber Image has changed to Signature Rubber. This is just a name change, but hopefully should be a bit easier to prepare for.

The polarising Flesh round has been retired and has been replaced with Action Rubber. We are hoping this round will inspire the same creativity as its predecessor and allow more variety and comfort from our entrants than previous iterations.


Our final round has also undergone a cosmetic change and will now be called Showtime! as opposed to the clunky Fantasy / Talent


Finally we wanted transparency regarding the interviews, in which this year the interviews will be recorded over Zoom. Then it will be shared online as soon as the judges has submitted their scores for that round.

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