Just when we thought it was safe to go outside - 2021 threw a curveball and we were once again in Lockdown. But this didn't deter our SLICK Team - It was time to find a new Melbourne Rubberman ... digitally!

With three amazing competitors racing for that rubbery crown; Sy Sy, Brent, and Matt it was to be a race that has since gone down in history as the most exhilarating, captivating, and nail-bitingly close competition we have held thus far.





  • Friday, 3rd September, 8:00pm 

    • Melbourne Rubber presents Q&A MRM Edition (Instagram Live)

  • Thursday, 9th September

    • 8pm, Meet the Contestants (Facebook Live)

    • 9pm, Melbourne Rubber Live (ZOOM)

  • Friday, 10th September, 8:00pm

    • Melbourne Rubberman 2021 Contest (YouTube Live)

  • Sunday, 12th September, 8:00pm

    • Melbourne Rubber '15 Mins' with MRM21 Winner Matt (Instagram Live)


  • Dean Arcuri

  • John Cheshire

Slick 2021 Sponsors

  • Eagle Leather, The Laird Hotel, Melbourne Rubber, Demasque Fetish Magazine, LUX Latex Care, Imago Design, Kink Projects, My Gear Fetish, DEANation, Exotic Footwear, San Fransisco Bay Area Rubber, Down An' Dirty, Dark Room Projects, Nourish Collingwood, Latex42, MINCE, Stick It Grill, and Henry-Lee Barbershop.

Special Thanks To

Eagle Leather (Pepper, Shane & BJ), The Laird Hotel (Brett & Mark), LUX Latex Care (Jimi & Ben), Demasque Magazine (Star), Latex.42 (Stephen), Deanation (Dean Arcuri), Kink Projects, My Gear Fetish, Imago Design (Martin), Down an' Dirty (Michael & Craig), San Fransisco Bay Area Rubber. Dark Room Projects, Nourish Collingwood (Freddy & Michael), Stick It Grill, Henry-Lee Barbershop and Exotic Footwear.


We would also like to thank Kade for his digital skills in bringing these online events to life.

Without all of you, Slick 2021 would not have been possible!


Access this video to view the entire Melbourne Rubberman 2021 Contest.

SLICK 2021 started off with a Q&A session on Thursday night with our previous titleholders Liam, John, Matt, and Jason discussing the new contestants, their title years, how they scored their titles both in Melbourne and at MIR, and just all general things rubbery. 


On Thursday night, We met with Dean Arcuri and John Cheshire as our hosts for SLICK, and they met up with our contestants so our audience could get to know them in a fun-hearted evening of chatting all things latex. Then, we had our Melbourne Rubber ZOOM social where we hung out and chatted with rubberists all over the world.

Friday night brought the night to remember. Our Melbourne Rubberman 2021 Contest with our amazing competitors Sy Sy, Matt, and Brent. Each brought an intense and creative approach to the world of rubber and showed off what they had for the rubber title. After a heated race that was extremely close, we emerged with our new titleholder Matt, who presented us a custom-made Party Pink Leotard, a Rubber Viking Look, and surprised us all with a rubbery Rocky Horror Tribute as Frank-N-Furter. You can view all our contestants looks and banter in the competition video located above! We were throughly impressed by the fierce competition, with Matt walking away with the major prizes donated by our various sponsors. Brent and Sy Sy walked away with many prizes too!

SLICK finally wrapped up with a Instagram Live Interview between MRM19 Jason and the newly-crowned MRM21 Matt, which gave us an insight into Matt's plans and ambitions for the next year.

SLICK 2021 Online brought a lot of fun to us all in a time of social isolation. It is sure to have been the highlight of the year, and for the existence of SLICK so far.