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SLICK is a non-for-profit community event whose aim is to create an inclusive, welcoming space for all those who indulge in rubber and celebrate our unique interests.

SLICK was created by Laird Leatherman 2012 Ben Riethmuller and LLM 14 contestant Grant Maynard in 2016 with the desire to help boost the emerging rubber community in Melbourne. As each year passed, the popularity of Slick increased amongst members of our community.


Since then, the community throughout Australia has rapidly grown and the responsibility of organising SLICK has shifted into the hands of the Melbourne Rubber Committee.

SLICK in its present form now celebrates diversity amongst the Australian rubber communities and aims to promote and present inclusive events for all genders and sexual identities to create a unifying bond between all things rubbery.


We are eternally grateful for the hard work and involvement of all those who helped bring our events into existence since its conception.

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