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Melbourne Rubber is the place to call home for those who embrace an inclusive approach to rubber. We believe that all people have the right to be sexual, if they choose. We believe rubber is for anybody who is turned on by it. We value diversity, so we are deliberately inclusive. We welcome all genders, all sexualities, all races, all abilities.

Our values, sex positivity, love for rubber and inclusivity will always remain at our core.

If you love latex, you are welcome in Melbourne Rubber!

MB Rubber 2020.png
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In early 2017, Melbourne had no idea what was coming, when it allowed three rubber lovers to find each other in the same place, at the same time, with the same dream. The three kinksters in question?

  • Liam Clark - the inaugural Melbourne Rubberman (2016) & first Australian Mr International Rubber Runner Up (MIRXX), 

  • Martin Memo - who just returned to Melbourne after 2 years enjoing the European & London Rubberman communities, and

  • Jason Pearce - who had just decided to pack up his life in Perth, and bring his Partner, his cat, and his love of Latex to Melbourne.


In their kinky travels, they had seen what can only be described as a global rubber renaissance, and each knew that Melbourne needed a social latex community. With all three now sharing the same city, the same goal, and same values - they joined forces and established the Melbourne Rubbermen community that stands today.

Melbourne Rubbermen took off instantly. The group grew quickly to include a team of people from all over Australia as well as organisations such as Eagle Leather, The Laird Hotel & Down an' Dirty. Our first official rubber social was held at The Laird Hotel on the 2nd of May 2017, and these went on almost weekly in every form you can imagine!


Slick Week - our annual event celebrating all things rubbery drew a massive international crowd, and the Melbourne Rubbermen community rallied! This took us to the next level, as our quickly growing group of friendly and welcoming rubberists became the talk of the fetish town - from Manchester to Chicago, Taiwan to San Francisco, we didn’t even stop there…

Between then and now we have marched in Pride, launched our famous birthday parties at Eagle Leather, held Melbourne Rubbermen socials across the globe, been featured on Recon Fetish App, ran community information sessions and demonstrations, and brought rubber out of the darkrooms and onto the streets of the inner suburbs of Melbourne.

In February 2020, Melbourne Rubbermen proudly adopted their new identity as Melbourne Rubber. This new name and logo had been chosen both by the committee and members of our community, and has been a long time in the making. It represents a new direction, embracing an inclusive approach to our rubber fetish, inside and outside of our community.

We respect our history and value the important role of Rubbermen groups worldwide. We will remain aligned with our brother groups and our histories. Inclusivity is not about turning our back on men. We saw our future as enriching our community. With this change we hope to embrace a wider group of rubber-fetishists to continue to grow our community.

MB Rubber 2020.png
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So where do we go from here? With an ever-expanding community of rubberists out there from Melbourne and beyond, we can begin to forge a better future for us all.