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SLICK 2019 Contest Night

Melbourne Rubber's annual events celebrating all things rubber. With over a week's worth of parties, social events and activities it's the perfect place to bring your love for the shine out for all to see! Slick is an inclusive and immersive event for all members of our community regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation. All are welcome!

Melbourne Rubber 4th Birthday Party


Fancy a Pub Crawl or a drinks party at someones house? We've got what you need! Melbourne Rubber aim to hold fun, inclusive social events wherever they can - in public or in private, we love to be inclusive and diverse in what we do all year round.

Spit & Polish Glove Decoration


Spit And Polish - one of the longest running weekly leather and fetish nights in the world. Dark beats, buzz cuts, and the strict dress code ensures an intimate, open & comfortable environment for those passionate about the lifestyle they have chosen. This is a MALE ONLY event.

Demasque Magazine Montage


Demasque is excited to announce the release of its next quarterly presentation, and you are invited! Please join them for a night of entertainment,socialising, networking and kink pride. Featuring new and exciting performers at each launch party, it's a night you don't want to miss! Keep your eyes and ears out for our next launch!

OKinkFest Image


Oz Kink Fest is an annual festival for the alternative and kink community of Australia based in Melbourne. The event spans over 10 days and offers a variety of opportunities for like-minded people to be a part of. There is something for everyone!

Hellfire Resurrection Photoshoot


Undoubtedly one of the best Fetish nights in Australia! An unrepentant celebration of fetish culture featuring internationally renowned performers. With intense visuals, couture fetish fashion, and wild stage performance from entertainers - an ambiance of true bliss awaits you!

Provocation Promotional Image


Provocation is a monthly fetish club held in Melbourne on the 3rd Friday of every month. We have something special for you, somewhere that you can play unrestricted. Welcome to Provocation... for everything you have ever wanted and more.

Klub Kunst Photoshoot


You're not going to find a party equal to this. We will entice you on a journey in the ultimate surrounds for those who wish to play. Klub Kunst is about dressing up. We want to play with you or watch you play with each other. It's a night of unrestricted play where anything goes! 

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