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Jason Pearce

Melbourne Rubberman 2019


Jason Pearce originates from a small country town in Perth, Western Australia and moved to Melbourne with his partner in 2017 in pursuit of a new life.


Jason has become a driving force for the rubber community as one of the central organisers for Melbourne Rubber. Jason became the fourth person in our history to claim the title of Melbourne Rubberman from his predecessor Matthew Shepherd in 2019.


Jason's time in representing us has been dynamic - being responsible for the formation of the committee and for dropping the word 'men' from Melbourne Rubber in order to become a more welcoming and diversive group for all those in love with latex, regardless of gender or sexual orientation..

When the world shut down from the COVID-19 Pandemic at the beginning of 2020, it was Jason who had the idea to move a majority of our interaction as Melbourne Rubber online with his 15 Minutes With... segments on Instagram with various latex enthusiasts from around the world, for hosting Zoom Rubber Socials and for being one of the organisers behind SLICK 2020 Online., and Judge and Organiser of SLICK 2021 Online. This willingness to adapt to an always changing society is just the type of person Melbourne Rubber needs to lead us forward into the future. 

Travelling extensively with his partner for several fetish events around the world, Jason would love to attend Mr. International Rubber and compete. He would also love to attend Darklands in Antwerp and get his freak on.

Though his sights (like us all) are set internationally, Jason is always brought back to expanding and growing the community locally in Australia. It is his biggest priority as a titleholder and as a growing leader in our community. Wherever he goes, Melbourne Rubber will always be there to support him as he pursues equality and inclusiveness for all into rubber.

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