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Here at Melbourne Rubber, we love to show our love for rubber wherever we go.

With our designs from Spreadshirt and our supporters throughout Australia and the world, you can take your passion with you anywhere!


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The Experts Corner


Check out this helpful section we have created for complete access to useful guides, videos and indexes for all your rubbery needs.

From latex care and repair to rubber patterns to safe play, we've got you covered!


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Down an' Dirty -

Rubber Bondage Safety

Join Dr. George & John Cheshire with the Down an' Dirty Team for an informative session on kink safety and takes us through some well-being tips when getting into latex bondage.

Down an' Dirty -

Rubber Edition

Melbourne Rubber Titleholders Liam and Jason join Down an' Dirty for a look at how to care for your latex gear, and make some simple rubber repairs.